Terms Of Use

Please read the conditions of use so that you know how to use our service. The following Conditions of Use constitute a legally binding contract between yourself and Pixelairport UG (haftungsbeschränkt). You should not use SkillLocate (skilllocate.com), if you do not agree with the Conditions of Use. Setting up a user account is considered an agreement.

1. Our service

Our SkillLocate Service offers everyone who is at least 18 years old the opportunity to create a user profile, so that other people and companies can find you. A user account is required for this purpose, where we gather data about you. All data and files are stored on our server and, in part, also in the “Cloud” (e.g. AWS). In the event that the service is misused, SkillLocate reserves the right to deactivate or delete individual users without providing reasons. Also included in misuse is any action that is not in the interest of the provider (Pixelairport UG (haftungsbeschränkt)). If you would like to delete your account, please send us an email directly to info@skilllocate.com.

2. General Obligations

As a user you are obligated to provide correct information. Information as well as data or files that are incorrect, illegal or considered disturbing can be deleted by SkillLocate. Please never disclose the password for your account.

3. Obligations for Musicians and Artists

You conclude all legal contracts directly with the company or interested party, who is contacts you. SkillLocate receives no additional commission. Thus every contract between you and the company or interested party can be designed freely and individually. SkillLocate checks and decides whether users are entitled to see and contact other users. If you are a company and want to search our freelancer and employee database, you can write an email to company@skilllocate.com. SkillLocate has the right to block or delete your account without providing reasons if you misuse the service or violate the Conditions of Use. Part of misuse is also any action that is not in the interest of the provider (Pixelairport UG (haftungsbeschränkt)).

4. Miscellaneous

Sometimes users are shown targeted content. This occurs because user behavior and the data the user creates are analyzed. If you provide false information, upload faulty files or viruses that negatively impact our service, SkillLocate has the right to block or delete your account. In addition, you grant SkillLocate the right to share your data and information with other users. Due to the fact that our service is constantly being upgraded, our Conditions of Use also change. If not otherwise stipulated by law, we will inform you of this by email; then you have 30 days to object to this or have your account deleted. Just send us an email to that effect at info@skilllocate.com. SkillLocate is a German company. Therefore, any disputes must be resolved before a court in Berlin (Germany). If parts of the Conditions of Use are not enforceable, the remainder is not affected. It could possibly happen that SkillLocate agrees on a takeover or merger with another company. This means that the other company gains access to all data and files of the users. In this event, the Conditions of Use could change again.