Another freelancer platform? Really?

No. SkillLocate is different. No big profile, which takes hours to fill out and nobody will read. And much better... no headhunter allowed. That means you can keep 100% of your money.

Registration is only available for people who are invited by friends, who are already registered.

Companies searching at SkillLocate

The benefits of using SkillLocate

No headhunter allowed

Yes! You have seen right. We want to avoid that headhunter call you, who don't understand what their customers really need and also get a lot of money for that. We want to give companies direct access to freelancers who are looking for jobs.

A slim profile

Most of the other platforms have large forms for every information. We just need your website, skills and a photo of you. You can switch between searching for a job and not available at the moment. If you are not available you wont be listed for our companies.

For companies

You are interested to join SkillLocate and get direct access to freelancers who are looking for a job? Then write an email to It is important that you use your company email address. So we can be sure that it is really your company. We also will call your company to be sure that you are still a employee of this company. You are also not allowed to give your access to others. So if you need multiple accounts for your copmany, send us an email with all addresses in it.